Our Jingltree Story

Proud and passionate about our products and ethos

We're proud and passionate about our products and ethos

When Jingltree was founded just 2 years ago, we set out to offer an opportunity for customers to order a real Christmas Tree on line and have it delivered at no extra cost. With the vision of making the whole process easy and stress free, we also wanted complete the ‘no hassle’ journey by offering our customers a free Christmas Tree collection and recycling service.

This year we are really proud to have teamed up with JustHelping, a charity who arrange volunteer led local Christmas tree collections throughout most of the UK.  This means that all of our trees get to be collected and recycled, whilst Jingltree is able to do its bit by donating funds to support local Hospices.

Jingltree is also fully invested into the concept of buying with the environment in mind. We are constantly trawling through the internet, researching information and gathering knowledge to find ways in which we can do our bit for the planet, not just at Christmas but all year round.

We are also super excited to introduce our new eco friendly range of Christmas accessories and decorations.  We have spent the year researching and sourcing products to ensure that as well as being gorgeous, they meet our high quality, eco friendly standards before being given the Jingltree stamp of approval.

We deliver your Christmas tree FREE of charge, including WEEKENDS, then we arrange for your FREE collection (including recycling) in January!

Our trees are Grade A quality because they are nurtured with utmost care and respect from forest floor to your door.

Our trees are grown in the Midlands and delivered by a locally sourced transport Company. Collections are arranged in partnership with your local JustHelping charity volunteers.

Jingltree is all about being green, from harvesting and transporting our trees, to sourcing our eco-friendly Christmas accessories, we always have the environment in mind!

The Jingltree Promise

We are a company who passionately believe in supplying an implicit product and service to our customers, and whilst doing so ensure that together we find a way to maintain sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint in order to help protect our Planet.

We want our customers to be able to experience the indulgence of buying a real Christmas tree, to fill their home with the earthy, fresh aroma of real pine needles, to show off to their friends and family whilst giving themselves a pat on the back for doing their bit for the environment.

We promise …. Your tree will be grown in the UK

We promise …. Your tree will be hand cut no more than 24 hours before its on its way to your door

We promise …. Your tree will be netted only once in recyclable netting

We promise …. Our drivers have bought into our ethos and will treat our trees with care and keep our customers informed throughout the delivery process

We promise …. By following our care instructions, your tree will stay lush and green with the fresh pine aroma throughout the Christmas period

We promise …. To collect your tree in January and take it to a recycling centre local to you in order to reduce emissions

We promise …. That our Jingltree team have researched and vetted every product we sell to ensure they meet our sustainability standards

We promise …. That together with our customers we will continually strive to make a difference

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