We're honoured to be working with JustHelping

Jingltree aim to provide an eco friendly and stress free shopping experience for all of our customers; part of that process is to offer a free Christmas Tree collection and recycling service.


With our vans travelling across the UK collecting trees and bringing them back to the Midlands for recycling, we had to ask ourselves, whilst this service is offered to our customers at no extra cost, at what cost is it to the environment.


Jingltree had to find a way to reduce our emissions but still provide a reliable collection service to our customers.  We started looking into recycling depots across the UK, and whilst doing so google took us to a charity website where volunteers get together and run Christmas Tree collections, as well as taking the trees to be recycled.  We’d literally stumbled across the solution … the charity was JustHelping.


We contacted JustHelping and have since worked together to set up a partnership which we are excited and proud to be part of.  A percentage of every tree sold by Jingltree will be donated to the charity whilst JustHelping volunteers all over the UK will collect our trees after Christmas and arrange for them to be recycled.


So not only have Jingltree managed to find a way to reduce our emissions, we get to keep our promise to our customers who in turn can be happy in the knowledge that whilst their Christmas tree will be disposed of responsibly, they have also helped support a worthy charity.


A little bit about JustHelping


Since 2012, JustHelping has been raising money for hospices and local charities across the UK by bringing together communities and arranging volunteer led activities, including Christmas Tree collections. 


The charity’s vision is ‘for a life where community is at the heart of our society. A life where people pull together to take care of the vulnerable and less fortunate, together with their environment, in their towns and villages.’