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Why you should choose Jingltree’s Nordmann Fir this Christmas

Happy ‘Grade A’ Trees

The Nordmann Fir is the most popular type of Christmas tree in the UK, known for its luscious deep green foliage and excellent needle retention as the tree dries; meaning no sparse looking branches and less time spent vacuuming! The Nordmann Fir is perfect as a family tree thanks to its softer needles and strong branches which are ideal for large decorations, meaning you can really spruce up your Christmas tree!

  • Grade A quality Nordmann Fir trees
  • Available in 3 simple sizes
  • Strong branches for large decorations
  • Excellent needle retention and density
  • Soft, rounded needles for safety around pets and children
  • Thick, glossy, deep green foliage
  • Mild, natural scent
  • Jingltree quality promise

Caring for your Real Christmas Tree

  When you are ready to set your tree up, shake the tree outside to remove any loose foliage or insects.

  Place your tree in a stand or pot. Avoid putting the tree in sand or soil as this will reduce the amount of water it can uptake, for best results always stand in a reservoir of water.

  As much as is possible, try to position your tree away from heat sources such as radiators, as too much heat could result in needle loss.

  Check water levels every day, a real Christmas tree can drink 1 to 2 litres a day, depending on its size and the temperature of the room it’s located in.

Simply by following these 5 steps, your Jingltree will maintain its sumptuous beauty throughout the entire festive period