Buying into more than just a tree


The no hassle, green approach to buying a real Christmas Tree.




In the comfort of your own home, at the click of a button, you can purchase one of the finest Christmas Trees grown here in the UK and Ireland.  We will deliver your tree to your door, on a date of your choice.

When the festivities are over and there’s a mountain of things to be cleared away, we will collect your tree and take it to our recycling depot, leaving you with peace of mind in the knowledge that you have disposed of your tree responsibly.

So … you get to enjoy the luxury, leave the work to us and we all share in the Jingltree belief of keeping it green.



By choosing to buy your Christmas tree from Jingltree this year, you’re not just getting the best quality Nordmann Fir that was grown and nurtured right on your doorstep…


Your beautiful tree will be wrapped and delivered safely to your door, one less trip for you which means one less stress


We will also collect your tree once the celebrations are over.  This way, you can ensure that it is recycled in the Greenest way possible.  Just doing our little bit together.

The Green bit

The Jingltree Belief

Small changes can make a big difference.

Throughout the planting, growing, nurturing, harvesting, retailing and recycling of our trees, we at Jingltree are committed  to ensuring that every process is carried out responsibly and with  the care and respect of our environment in mind.

We believe that by making small changes we can all play a part. That is why Jingltree also follows and supports likeminded businesses and charities – we are always looking to share ideas and help us all reduce our carbon footprint. 

Buy into the Jingltree belief and together we can keep it green.